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A person making a toast. Photo.

Last week’s EOU Meeting in Lund was hugely successful and scientifically one of the strongest such meetings in the history of the EOU. We in the Local Organising Committee want to thank you all who participated and made this happen. Thank you for coming to Lund and creating this wonderful meeting! 

For those of you who need a pdf booklet for travel claims and such, the file will be uploaded to EOU’s main website in the second half of September.

We also want to thank all the people who put in a considerable amount of work in organising and managing the conference. For this, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to you all, and especially:

Christina Rengefors for all and everything, from the smallest to largest issue before, during and after the conference. The EOU Meeting in Lund could never have happened without you.

Helena Westerdahl for all your work organising and re-organising the volunteers before and throughout the meeting. Without your great efforts, the meeting would never have been so successful.

All volunteers, none named, and none forgotten, for making sure no delegates ever felt lost, for your help running the sessions and registration, for ushering delegates on the excursions, and for everything else. Your efforts made the meeting what it was!

Bodil Enoksson for so eloquently organising and running the front desk and registration, where the delegates always got the help they needed.

Staffan Bensch and Bengt Hansson for organising the excursions and historical walks in Lund, all of which were very much appreciated by the delegates. Thanks also to Rachel Muheim for making sure all delegates got to go on their preferred excursion.

Inger Ekström and Anders Örtegren for producing and managing the website, producing all marketing materials, and documenting the conference.

Johan Kjellberg Jensen for organising the massively well-attended, and much-appreciated, popular science evenings.

Johan Nilsson for securing 7 top-level exhibitors and making sure they all felt at home.

Caroline Isaksson for organising the poster sessions.

Michael Tobler and the jury (Susanne Åkesson, Sissel Sjöberg, Bengt Hansson and Inger Ekström) for organising the poster competition.

Ernö Vincze, Linus Hedh, Utku Urhan and Javier Pamliega for staffing the IT room and making sure all delegates could comfortably upload and edit their talks well in advance of all sessions.

Anders Hedenström, Arne Hegemann, and all other excursion leaders, for taking excellent care of the delegates during the day out.

Annika Hecktor and Lotta Thomaeus for making sure all our finances were in good hands.

See you in 2025 in Bangore, UK!

On behalf of the Local Organising Committee,
Andreas Nord (Secretary), Jocke Nilsson (Senior Member and past President of the EOU), Dennis Hasselquist (Treasurer) and Anders Brodin (Chair)